#100Devs Free Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp (Live)

Free full stack coding bootcamp for those laid off or affected by the pandemic.

Hey, folx!

Starting Oct. 20th, I will be running a live intensive full stack web development bootcamp covering everything you need to know to go from no technical skills to employable. We’ll meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm EST to 9:30pm EST with office hours on Saturdays from 12pm EST to 3pm EST. The goal is to give folks who have been laid off or affected by the pandemic the tools they need to command a job in software engineering. I’m looking for a group of 100 individuals (#100Devs) and will give priority to those affected by the pandemic and/or under represented in tech. I recently ran a short 5 week bootcamp that was an amazing success. I want to follow it up with a 30 week full stack program to help folx get ready for a career in software engineering.

If you would like to join, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/ngK4pnr9pLediMjS9

Complete these tasks: https://gleam.io/e6AV3/100devs-signup

And send a short 2 minute recorded video of why this bootcamp is right for you to leon@leonnoel.com (Be sure to include your name in the video. If you do not have the means to record video, please reach out for an alternative request)

Also, please know that I will be requiring everyone to sign a commitment contract prior to starting the bootcamp. If you can not commit to meeting every Tuesday / Thursday, putting in 10 hours of work outside of class each week, and committing to a full 30 weeks, this bootcamp is not for you.

This program is 100% free, so the barrier to entry will be high and I hope you see this a necessary process to find 100 folx super committed to changing their future.

A little about me:

I’m Managing Director of Engineering for Resilient Coders. My job is to get black and brown folks into high paying careers as software engineers. We’re pretty damn good at it too. 85% of our graduates, most of whom do not have degrees or prior experience, go on to get full time offers at an average starting salary of $98,000. No bullshit or funny business. I’m also a Distinguished Faculty Member at General Assembly were I’ve been helping folks learn to code for the past 8 years. You can see a sampling of my classes taught at Harvard, MIT, and elsewhere here and reviews from my past students here.

What to expect:

We’ll have class two nights a week with the expectation that you come prepared and have done the assigned reading ahead of time. I like to use lecture as a means of exploration and not dictation, but that only works if you come prepared. The first half of class will be exploring new topics and the second half will be lab. During lab, you will tackle what we just covered by building. You’ll never just listen to me and then sign off. Myself and TA’s will be available throughout the lab. You’ll have real time guidance / feedback and a chance to have all your questions answered.

This course is designed to give you the skills you will need to pursue a career as a software engineer, but will only work if you are committed and ready to put in serious work.

Why am I doing this:

My activism is teaching. I want to help folks affected by the pandemic and those under represented in tech. The bootcamps I run are either very selective or expensive, so I am hoping to help in the best way I know how by offering a full stack course for free.


I like to joke, curse, and have fun. I do the same thing in my classroom. I value learning over nit picky correctness. If any of these things bother you, this course might not be the best fit.

Here are the videos from my most recent live bootcamp: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGiRSHBdWuCgjgmPPz_13xw

These should give you a good idea of my teaching style and what to expect.

If you have questions, please join our discord (leonnoel.com/discord) and ask in the #100Devs channel.

I’m looking for #100Devs and hope you will be one of them!

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