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The following are papers that use code or software products that I have helped develop. This list is the thing I am most proud of in life:

Authors Title Year
JD Kosiba, LD Mitzel, EL Zale… A preliminary study of associations between discomfort intolerance, pain severity/interference, and frequency of cannabis use among individuals with chronic pain 2020
BJW Dixson, MJ Rantala, RC Brooks Cross-cultural variation in women’s preferences for men’s body hair 2019
EL Zale, LR LaRowe, J Boissoneault… Gender differences in associations between pain-related anxiety and alcohol use among adults with chronic pain 2019
TES Charlesworth, STJ Hudson… Children use targets’ facial appearance to guide and predict social behavior. 2019
A Gouda-Vossos, RC Brooks, BJW Dixson The interplay between economic status and attractiveness, and the importance of attire in mate choice judgments. 2019
LE Hayward, LR Tropp, MJ Hornsey… How negative contact and positive contact with Whites predict collective action among racial and ethnic minorities 2018
TM Mandalaywala, DM Amodio… Essentialism promotes racial prejudice by increasing endorsement of social hierarchies 2018
N Lettieri, A Altamura, R Giugno, A Guarino… Ex machina: Analytical platforms, law and the challenges of computational legal science 2018
N Huntington‐Klein College choice as a collective decision 2018
SE Burke, M LaFrance Perceptions of instability and choice across sexual orientation groups 2018
J Mansell Social cues and ideology: Unpacking the adaptive significance of liberal-conservative behavioral differences 2018
B Kurdi, AJ Diaz, CA Wilmuth… Variations in the relationship between memory confidence and memory accuracy: The effects of spontaneous accessibility, list length, modality, and complexity. 2018
V Allom, BA Mullan, L Monds, S Orbell… Reflective and impulsive processes underlying saving behavior and the additional roles of self-control and habit. 2018
N Sharma Decoding the effects of a product’s cast shadow in brand advertising 2018
A Alperin, FK Barlow Sexual (dys) functioning is related to drive for thinness, not drive for muscularity 2018
J Mansell Social cues and ideology 2018
RM López Pérez, F Gordillo León… Culture, Negative Experience and Differences in the Perception of Facial Expressions of Anger 2018
J Hari, E Pirsch, H Rawitzer Women are scaredy-cats and men are conquerors? 2018
DFG León Efecto del contexto verbal y la expresión facial sobre la formación de impresiones 2018
LE Hayward, LR Tropp, MJ Hornsey… Toward a comprehensive understanding of intergroup contact: Descriptions and mediators of positive and negative contact among majority and minority groups 2017
JW Ditre, EL Zale, BW Heckman… A measure of perceived pain and tobacco smoking interrelations: pilot validation of the pain and smoking inventory 2017
BF Harrison, MR Michelson Listen, we need to talk: How to change attitudes about LGBT rights 2017
JL Robertson, J Barling Toward a new measure of organizational environmental citizenship behavior 2017
BJW Dixson, MJ Rantala, EF Melo… Beards and the big city: Displays of masculinity may be amplified under crowded conditions 2017
LH Koh, MS Hagger, VHH Goh, WG Hart… Effects of a brief action and coping planning intervention on completion of preventive exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist among people with knee pain 2017
EM Tooley, B Borrelli Characteristics of cigarette smoking in individuals in smoking concordant and smoking discordant couples. 2017
ED Shinne The relationship between sexual objectification and self-objectification, adult romantic attachment, and relationship satisfaction 2017
F Gordillo, L Mestas, JM Arana… The effect of information bias on the formation of impressions: courtroom implications 2017
HRM Radke, MJ Hornsey, CG Sibley, M Thai… Is the racial composition of your surroundings associated with your levels of social dominance orientation? 2017
F Gordillo, JM Arana, JJG Meilán, L Mestas… Expresar coherencia en el momento preciso beneficia a la impresión causada 2017
F Gordillo, JM Arana, JJG Meilán, L Mestas… The timely expression of coherence helps cause the right impression 2017
MN Alison, T Andrew The digital transformation of research support 2017
J Bradnam Text Messages and Romantic Relationships: An Investigation of Mobile Communication Technologies, Attachment Processes, and Relationship Quality. 2017
ML Kern, L Benson, EA Steinberg… The EPOCH measure of adolescent well-being. 2016
BJW Dixson, MJ Rantala The role of facial and body hair distribution in women’s judgments of men’s sexual attractiveness 2016
JW Ditre, JD Kosiba, EL Zale… Chronic pain status, nicotine withdrawal, and expectancies for smoking cessation among lighter smokers 2016
SE Burke, M LaFrance Lay conceptions of sexual minority groups 2016
D Pinsof, M Haselton The political divide over same-sex marriage: Mating strategies in conflict? 2016
R Young, R Subramanian… Stigmatizing images in obesity health campaign messages and healthy behavioral intentions 2016
R Young, A Hinnant, G Leshner Individual and social determinants of obesity in strategic health messages: Interaction with political ideology 2016
W Baxter, M Aurisicchio, PRN Childs Tear here: The impact of object transformations on proper disposal 2016
DF Gucciardi Mental toughness as a moderator of the intention–behaviour gap in the rehabilitation of knee pain 2016
A Gouda-Vossos, BJ Dixson, RC Brooks Sexual conflict and gender gap effects: Associations between social context and sex on rated attractiveness and economic status 2016
JL Zagrodney, JA Cummings Impact of perpetrator type on attributions of mother fault in child sexual abuse 2016
L Riedel Verklaringen voor middelengebruik: Hoe impliciete als ook expliciete Compensatory Health Beliefs, zelfregulatie en stress gerelateerd zijn aan middelengebruik bij … 2016
A Creed Wine communication in a global market: A study of metaphor through the genre of Australian wine reviews 2016
M Austermann Explanations for Substance Use–The role of implicit and explicit Compensatory Health Beliefs and Personality for Alcohol/Nicotine-related Risk Behavior 2016
HH Green A Partner’s Perspective: A Qualitative Exploration of the Experiences of the Female Partners of Trans Feminine Individuals 2016
A Alperin An empirical investigation of gender, sexual attitudes, weight bias and body image 2016
LR Burns The Impact of Emerging Adulthood Life Events on Men’s Gender Role Journey 2016
P Techakesari The Psychological Benefits and Costs of Positive and Negative Intergroup Contact 2016
AK Ho, J Sidanius, N Kteily… The nature of social dominance orientation: Theorizing and measuring preferences for intergroup inequality using the new SDO₇ scale. 2015
P Techakesari, FK Barlow, MJ Hornsey… An investigation of positive and negative contact as predictors of intergroup attitudes in the United States, Hong Kong, and Thailand 2015
T Crouzier Science Ecosystem 2.0: how will change occur 2015
J Campbell, B Chao, C Robertson, DV Yokum Countering the plaintiff’s anchor: Jury simulations to evaluate damages arguments 2015
EJ Cogsdill, MR Banaji Face-trait inferences show robust child–adult agreement: Evidence from three types of faces 2015
AJ Kelly, SL Dubbs, FK Barlow Social dominance orientation predicts heterosexual men’s adverse reactions to romantic rejection 2015
NHM Labrie, PJ Schulz The effects of general practitioners’ use of argumentation to support their treatment advice: results of an experimental study using video-vignettes 2015
BF Harrison, MR Michelson God and marriage: The impact of religious identity priming on attitudes toward same‐sex marriage 2015
ZJ Janif, RC Brooks, BJ Dixson Are preferences for women’s hair color frequency-dependent? 2015
AJ Lee, RC Brooks, KJ Potter, BP Zietsch Pathogen disgust sensitivity and resource scarcity are associated with mate preference for different waist-to-hip ratios, shoulder-to-hip ratios, and body mass index 2015
JC McIntyre, MD Constable… Property and prejudice: How racial attitudes and social‐evaluative concerns shape property appraisals 2015
J Sidanius, N Kteily, J Sheehy-Skeffington… The Nature of Social Dominance Orientation: Theorizing and Measuring Preferences for Intergroup Inequality Using the New SDO7 Scale Arnold K. Ho … 2015
T Sakima, S Schmidtke Implicit biases and Hawai’i’s educational landscape: An empirical investigation 2015
C Weinert, C Maier, S Laumer Do we behave based on our implicit attitudes? Proposing a research model and an experimental study to investigate their influence on behavioral intentions 2015
DI Algra Impliciete meetmethoden toegepast op vermoeidheid 2015
P Krishnamurthy End-user programming tool for creating custom health surveys with automatically generated reports 2015
C Schwickert The Effects of Objectifying Statements on Women’s Self Esteem, Mood, and Body Image 2015
E Cogsdill The Development of Character Judgments from Faces 2015
E Watt The Correlation Between Sexual Attitudes and Sexual Satisfaction 2015
AK Ho Citation: Ho, AK, Sidanius, J., Kteily, N., Sheehy-Skeffington, J, Pratto, F., Henkel, KE, Foels, R., & Stewart, AL (in press). The nature of social dominance … 2015
G Pepper A multidisciplinary investigation into socioeconomic variation in behaviour 2015
L Göldner Ben je ook zo moe?: validatie van een expliciete en impliciete meting van vermoeidheid 2015
AJ Lee Sexual selection and the role of variation in women’s mate preference for masculine traits 2015
EJ Cogsdill, AT Todorov, ES Spelke… Inferring character from faces: A developmental study 2014
GV Pepper, D Nettle Perceived extrinsic mortality risk and reported effort in looking after health 2014
ZJ Janif, RC Brooks, BJ Dixson Negative frequency-dependent preferences and variation in male facial hair 2014
A Alperin, MJ Hornsey, LE Hayward… Applying the contact hypothesis to anti-fat attitudes: Contact with overweight people is related to how we interact with our bodies and those of others 2014
AJ Lee, SL Dubbs, W Von Hippel, RC Brooks… A multivariate approach to human mate preferences 2014
AD Lyons, JD Henry, PG Rendell… Episodic foresight and aging. 2014
J Goodman, G Paolacci Questioning the turk: Conducting high quality research with Amazon mechanical turk 2014
E Tosch, ED Berger Surveyman: Programming and automatically debugging surveys 2014
B Livshits, T Mytkowicz Saving money while polling with interpoll using power analysis 2014
B Winter Beauty and the beholder: A survey of aesthetic experiences 2014
RW Orf Factors that promote and inhibit client disclosure of suicidal ideation 2014
B Livshits, T Mytkowicz Interpoll: Crowd-sourced internet polls (done right) 2014
KS Isaacson Implicit attachment and couple satisfaction 2014
JE Brinton Strain-based work-home conflict: Examining the relative contribution of exhaustion and negative affect in the association between work demands and home behaviors 2014
ME Anderson National culture and differences in perceptions of auditor independence under international codes of ethics 2014
CAC Smarr Applying a qualitative framework of acceptance of personal robots 2014
J Hepler The sequential exposure bias: A preference for approaching pro-attitudinal before counter-attitudinal information that can bias evaluative judgments 2014
EJ Cogsdill, AT Todorov, ES Spelke, MR Banaji Psycholo gical Sc ience 2014
ZJ Janif, RC Brooks, BJ Dixson Negative frequency-dependent preferences and variation in 2014
E Grey Differentiating Identities for Sex and Gender 2014
CL Woods Is participant self-reported ethnicity sufficient to measure the own-race bias (ORB)? The implicit association test (IAT) vs. participant report 2014
A Reckendorf Do Americans’ perceptions of the prevalence of prejudice impact their racial policy preferences? Investigating meta… 2014
A Dionisi Vicarious Exposure to Male Sexual Harassment: Correlates, Perceived Motives and Ethical Evaluations, & Behavioral Responses 2014
MPA Burkman Enhancing human motivation in group settings relative to climate change 2014
GV Pepper, D Nettle Death and the time of your life: experiences of close bereavement are associated with steeper financial future discounting and earlier reproduction 2013
JW Ditre, EL Zale, JD Kosiba… A pilot study of pain-related anxiety and smoking-dependence motives among persons with chronic pain. 2013
IG Cohen, TG Coan Can you buy sperm donor identification? An experiment 2013
GV Pepper, D Nettle Perceived extrinsic mortality risk and reported effort in looking after health: testing a behavioural ecological prediction 2013
LK Swan Public attitudes toward therapy framed by common factors and specific ingredients 2013
CM Woods Parcopresis in an Online Sample of Adults: Frequency and Predictive Sociodemographic Covariates 2013
R Boylorn, D Chawla, R Clair, C Davis, S Ganesh… PC02: Making Sense of Qualitative Data: A Workshop Illuminating the Backstage Practice of Ethnographic Analysis Sponsor: Preconferences Chair: Sarah Jane … 2013
FK Barlow, S Paolini, A Pedersen… The contact caveat: Negative contact predicts increased prejudice more than positive contact predicts reduced prejudice 2012
AJ Lee, SL Dubbs, AJ Kelly, W von Hippel… Human facial attributes, but not perceived intelligence, are used as cues of health and resource provision potential 2012
BP Zietsch, P Santtila Confusion in the science of evolution and orgasm: a reply to Wallen, Myers and Lloyd 2012
JM Wilmoth, M Sliwinski, J Mogle A web-based survey designed to assess older adults’ daily lives 2012
JM Wilmoth, M Sliwinski, J Mogle Uma sondagem via internet projetada para avaliar a vida diária dos idosos 2012
CJ Holden The Effect of Research Project Descriptions on Samples Drawn from Mechanical Turk 2012
MD Ettensohn The relational roots of narcissism: Exploring relationships between attachment style, acceptance by parents and peers, and measures of grandiose and vulnerable … 2011

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